Beginner’s Guide to know about Kitchen Chimney

With regards to Indian cooking, barbecuing, and fricasseeing food sources in oil, utilizing masalas, treating dishes, and so forth makes an imprint on your kitchen over the long haul through grime and food stains.

Furthermore, watery eyes and the smells radiated while cooking can be an obstacle to many. An electric kitchen chimney or a kitchen hood can end up being gainful here. 

Electric chimney stacks are intended to suck the air inside a kitchen alongside oil particles. As the air goes through it, channels in the stack assimilate hotness and trap oil particles, keeping your kitchen cool and liberated from scents. 

Benefits of Kitchen Chimney

01 Spotless Kitchen walls

02 No more unwanted smell

03 Remove excess heat

04 Keep the kitchen air clean

05 Smoke free

06 Improves the apeearance of  your kitchen

Brands of Kitchen Chimneys in India 

Faber Chimney


Faber offers chimneys that are great in terms of features and quality. Their designs are very stylish and impressive, and they ensure that the performance of their products is long lasting.

Elica Chimney


Owing to its wide range of features, unique designs and high quality products, Alicia almost instantly became one of the most trusted chimney brands in India.

Hindware Chimney


For best-in-class ventilation and sturdy construction, the chimney from Hindware Appliances is your best bet