12 Tips on How to Care for Your Mixer Grinder

Your mixer grinder should be kept clean, which is the first thing you need to know. There are many tools available to you to clean and maintain your equipment. With the help of these 12 maintenance suggestions, you will learn how to properly clean the best mixer grinder.

Here are the 12 Tips on How to Care for Your Mixer Grinder

  • Maintaining a mixer grinder is easy. The grinding plate only needs to be taken off, the dust brushed off, and then cleaned with a towel.
  • If there are any food crumbs or leftovers on your grinder, wipe them off with a clean cloth or paper towel and spritz them with water.
  • If necessary, you can also use vinegar to get rid of tough stains on your grinder.
  • Before putting your mixer grinder away for the next time you use it, make sure all of its components are dry.
  • To prevent rusting over time, remember to store your mixer grinder in a dry, clean environment.
  • Use a wire brush or steel wool to clean the blade and gear.
  • Before using the mixer grinder once more, make sure it is dry.
  • To remove any food particles that may have accumulated on the blade and gear during usage, clean them with a wire brush or piece of steel wool after each use.
  • Before you use your mixer grinder again, make sure it is free of any loose pieces.
  • Avoid overfilling your mixer with ingredients because doing so could harm the motor and other components, which would prevent it from operating as intended.
  • If you don’t use your mixer grinder frequently, think about purchasing one with extra attachments, such as blades and blades for various food kinds, such as pasta or cake flour, etc.
  • If you need to sterilise your mixer grinder, make sure to use hot water. This will eliminate any germs that may be on its surface and stop infections from developing when you use the same machine repeatedly.

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  How to use mixer grinder

You must first place all the ingredients in the container before turning on the mixer grinder. The mixer’s speed is the only thing you need to be aware of (the faster it goes, the better).

When you use a mixer grinder, it starts mixing everything together as soon as you turn it on. Once this has occurred, you can begin adding your components one at a time in modest amounts.

This implies that any substantial food chunks or clumps will be broken down throughout the mixing process.

It’s critical to monitor the speed at which your mixer grinder is operating to prevent overheating or burnout. If this occurs, simply shut off the device and wait until it has cooled before using it once more.


How long does a mixer grinder last?

If you use your mixer grinder properly then it can last upto 8 to 10 years. 

Which brand mixer grinder is best?

You can consider the following brands for mixer grinder 

Can we wash mixer grinder with water?

Yes, you can wash mixer grinder with water. And you can even use hot water to clean your grinder thoroughly. 

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