Why is a Kitchen Chimney Necessary for Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Chimney is an electrical appliance that is designed to remove harmful gas particles like smoke and fumes from our kitchen. 

Earlier,  people had ventilation and exhaust fans but with the passage of time, they found it noise making and quite irritating. People are improving their standard of living with time and they have shifted their preference from noise-making exhaust fans to kitchen chimneys. 

We as Indians love oily and spicy food which requires a lot of frying and baking. Undoubtedly the food tastes good but our kitchen has to bear all the negative aspects. 

According to the studies, the pollution inside the kitchen is more than it is outside. The person who cooks in the kitchen is more vulnerable to pollution and the solution to prevent this is the kitchen chimney

Why is a Kitchen Chimney Necessary for Your Kitchen

Advantages of Kitchen Chimneys. 

Kitchen tiles remain neat and tidy –  While cooking we find there is a lot of heat and smoke released from the food. This fumes sticks with your kitchen tiles and turns them into black. 

Thus, if we install a  chimney for kitchen it absorbs all the harmful particles and makes the kitchen look fresh otherwise it would have looked messy and untidy. 

Smell removal- When we cook in the kitchen we find a lot of variations in the kitchen. For example, while cutting onions some may feel like crying while some start sneezing. The same goes with the different chilies. So the best way of preventing this problem is the installation of a chimney in the kitchen as it absorbs all the smoke and makes the kitchen odorless plus prevents sneezing. 

Kitchen gives a modern look- When you install a kitchen chimney in your kitchen, it also helps you to improve the standard of living. Along with that you enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Indian mothers love their kitchen, they always try to make it neat and clean. The best Kitchen chimney in India gives their kitchen a new and elegant look. 

Advantages of Kitchen Chimneys. 

Disadvantages of a kitchen chimney. 

1. Costly Maintenance – The best kitchen chimney requires timely maintenance and repair because it is an electrical appliance that helps us to prevent our kitchen from unwanted dust and smoke. In addition to it replacing its part is also costly. Hence, kitchen chimneys require great care. 

2. Cleanness of a chimney is mandatory – Kitchen chimneys are undoubtedly the best because it makes our kitchen fresh and absorbs all the harmful particles.  The main work of the chimneys is to absorb grease which sticks to the filter. Cleaning a kitchen chimney requires a lot of effort, it’s not easy to clean, you need to wash it with the help of soap or any detergent along with water. At the end, you check all the parts are cleaned properly. 

Disadvantages of a kitchen chimney. 

Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean Vs. Normal: Which is Best?

Kitchen chimneys are one of the appliances in the home that are used the most. People generally use them several times a day. Because of this, it is imperative that they get cleaned out on a regular basis.

There are many different types of kitchen chimneys that are sold today. Some people use filters while others use screens. It all depends on personal preference.

One type of kitchen chimney that is becoming very popular is the auto-clean chimney. These chimneys have a built-in cleaning system.

There are two main types of auto-clean chimneys: The one you have installed and the one you buy at a home improvement store.

The one you have installed is usually a standard chimney. It will have a screen that you insert and remove. Then, you clean it out with a broom. Once the chimney is clean, you put it back in.

The other types of auto-clean chimneys, the self-clean chimneys, are more advanced. These chimneys are very simple to operate.

You just turn the knob and your chimney automatically cleans itself. The coating on the inside will clean off any grease or soot.

Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean Vs. Normal Which is Best

Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan: Which is best? 

While standing over a cooking fire, cooking dishes that require a lot of liquid, or melting chocolate, have you ever wished you had a way to take the smoke out of the kitchen?

Well, your oven or stove hood may already offer a solution.

An oven’s chimney is designed to take smoke from the oven, but typically, the exhaust vents from this chimney are directed outdoors, not into your kitchen.

A stove hood, on the other hand, is specifically designed to pull smoke from the cooking area. The exhaust vent from the hood is directed either up outside, or directly into your home.

The choice between these two types of venting is an important one, because both the type and direction of the exhaust can impact the smoke coming out of your chimney. The following sections will help you evaluate the type of venting you need.

Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan Which is best 

Kitchen Chimney vs. Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is usually used when you want to get rid of smoke from the kitchen.

A kitchen chimney under 5000 works best when you have the oven to warm the room. A kitchen chimney pulls air from a room, blows it straight up, and shoots it out the top.

Kitchen Chimney has the potential to distribute all the heat in the room evenly around the kitchen. The fan, on the other hand, pulls in air from below the kitchen. This tends to concentrate the heat near the ceiling, so the fan is more likely to be a problem if the room is warm.

Chimney fans can reach much higher speeds than kitchen chimneys, so they can move air more quickly. Kitchen chimneys, on the other hand, tend to work more slowly, so they are more likely to pull in air from every room in the kitchen.

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