Top 10 Ventair Chimney Price List in India 2023 – Buying and Review Guide

The kitchen chimney is a necessary apparatus in the kitchen. It has a variety of different uses. The chimney is used for raising the temperature of the air in your kitchen, or for exhausting unwanted smells.

Chimneys are found in all types of homes but they are more commonly found in older homes where they have been used to draw smoke from wood-burning stoves out of the home.

Keep in mind that chimneys are also important to vacuums, as well. The vacuum’s motor has to stay cool so if you’re using one without a chimney and it gets too hot, it will stop running for safety reasons.

Chimneys do more than just look good, too. They can add value to your home if you are considering selling it at some point, or if you’re just looking to add some charm to your decor.

There are a few different types of chimneys and chimney models like ventair chimney, Elica chimney, Hindware chimney, etc that you can use inside your home depending on its size and where you want to place it so you should take this into consideration before making a purchase.

The total length of the chimney should be at least 38 inches. Chimneys work best when they are not too long, but this is very important to remember. The longer a chimney is, the more surface area it has to clean up flue gases and remove them from your home.

The flue gases that are produced during cooking will flow up around the lip of your chimney into your living space if you have a small diameter system.

Here we have listed top 10 ventair chimney review in 2023 and ventair kitchen chimney price list that help make your purchase journey easy. This ventair chimney price list will help you to select a perfect ventair chimney for your kitchen.

List of Top 10 Best Ventair chimney in India 2023:

Ventair Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 60 CM 1400 m3/hr Highest Suction Made in India 

ventair chimney

The Ventair Chimney is built for strength and blends neatly into the kitchen. The Automatic Self-Cleaning Feature of this Ventair Chimney makes it the most energy-efficient and convenient chimney you can get.

It consumes a maximum suction of 1400 m3/hr and has low noise, lights with a touch control switch, a filter at an 11-degree angle, and an oil collector.

Sleek and Functional, the Ventair Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is here to add a touch of class to your kitchen. Featured with an LED lighting system and 4TH generation steam cleaning technology.

It can lift smoke and grease far more efficiently than a regular chimney, without having to buy a separate smoke exhaust fan (you can use the ventair’s energy-efficient LED lights).

Made in India, it has the best-in-class suction at a maximum 1400m3/hr as well as the highest quality standards. And this ventair chimney price is affordable to buy in India.

Dimension60 x 45 x 47 Centimeters
Special Feature Steam Clean
MaterialStainless Steel

Ventair Chimney 3rd Generation Heat Cleaning Technology 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Innova Music 60 

ventair chimney price

The Ventair Chimney Innova 3rd Generation Heat Cleaning Chimney is brought to you by the brand known for quality, innovation, and reliability.

Ideal for medium to large kitchens, this chimney is sure to add a dramatic appeal with its stainless steel finish that will create a modern look with the decorative rust-resistant stainless steel hood.

The new stylish design incorporates an energy-efficient LED light that provides lighting while cooking. Please note: The term “Chimney” is used in India, Nepal, and Pakistan to name this fan due to its similarity in appearance to a chimney when it’s off.

The Ventair chimney Innova 60cm  Cleaning Kit is designed to remove smoke and odors from your kitchen. With Auto Clean 3rd Generation Technology, you don’t need to manually clean the chimney.

It will automatically do it for you whenever the internal temperature of 1100F and external temperature of 1275F is reached, it will start the cleaning process by itself. This is the best ventair chimney for kitchen.

Dimension60 x 45 x 47 Centimeters
Special Feature Musical Auto clean Chimney
MaterialStainless Steel

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Ventair Kitchen Chimney 60 CM 1050 m3/hr Made in India (Hotcook, Push Button, Colour- Red, Filterless Technology)

ventair chimney price list

Use the Ventair Chimney for kitchen 60 CM for your Home, office, restaurant. It’s placeable anywhere as per your need.

Its unique feature is its Stainless Steel Finish Body with high quality – heat resistant – Tempered Glass for protection of Double Flame Burners and Halogen Lights that provide a royal look. It also comes with Push Button Switch, Energy Efficient Halogen Lights, Suction of 1050 m3/hr.

This Ventair Chimney is made in India and comes with filterless technology and more than 1050 m3/hr suction power. This Ventair chimney has decorative red front glass, stainless steel finish body, and is 60 cm in size. It is wall-mounted and fits perfectly under 2-3 burner gas stoves.

Dimension60 x 45 x 54  Centimeters
Special Feature Seamless Push Control, Unique Auspicious Indian Front Glass Colour, and Design, Filterless Technology
MaterialRust Resistance Stainless Steel

VENTAIR Chimney Smart Auto Clean 1400 m3/hr Musical Kitchen 11 Degree Baffle Filter Chimney with SS Oil Cup

ventair kitchen chimney price list

The Ventair Chimney Smart Auto Clean 1400 m3/hr is a premium wall-mounted chimney that is great for a smaller house and kitchen. The chimney features a special oil cup and baffle filter which can last up to 8 years without cleaning.

It also comes with an Innova 90 Touch Control, Radio and Bluetooth Feature for the older generation, 3rd Generation Heat Auto Clean Technology, feather touch switch, and this chimney come with an Odourless Anti-Bacteria Filter that handles even the toughest odor problems.

This Ventair chimney can handle over 100 kilos of food waste each month making it the perfect choice for an individual or small family.

The Tempered Glass Dome and stainless steel hood look great on the kitchen shelf. This 90 cm model of ventair chimney is perfect for 2-5 burners gas stove underneath. The Ventair chimneys come in Stainless Steel or PVC finish and are available in different sizes to fit your cooking requirements. That’s why ventair chimney is something different from another chimney model.

Dimension90 x 45 x 47  Centimeters
Special Feature Musical Chimney
MaterialStainless Steel

Brand Ventair Dimension 60 x 45 x 54  Centimeters Colour Silver  

ventair chimney review

Introducing our new Ventair chimney Patented Design 60 x 45 x 54 cm dimension 3 rd generation Eco chimney. With a stronger suction, it’ll clean more smoke for your cooking time.

The Features are Seamless push control, automatic cleaning when needed, energy-efficient LED lights, and a black glossy steel hood with heat-resistant tempered glass.

It can work for all the cooking appliances like a 2-5 burner gas stove, barbeque, floating rack, or induction cooker. We have made sure that we have included many safety features like a low noise level of less than 65dbA.

Keeping in mind that it is going to be used near your home hence we have made it so friendly that you won’t even feel it in the walls.

We believe people deserve the best quality product hence we use the best quality raw materials. This appliance is especially good if there are kids, pets, or elderly people at home.

Also, this will be suitable for gas installations where you need an oven below the gas range, floater range or single wall mounted gas range. Order Now because once these are gone there won’t be anymore!

Dimension60 x 45 x 54 Centimetres
Special Feature Autoclean Chimney, Motion Sensor Technology
MaterialBlack Oxide

Ventair Kitchen Chimney 90 cm 1400 m3/hr Auto Clean (V8-90, Made in India, 11 Degree Baffle Filter with SS Oil Cup, Motion Sensor)

Top 10 ventair chimney

Make kitchen cleaning an easy task with the Ventair Chimney for kitchen V8-90. This Ventair chimney comes with a powerful suction of 1400 m3/hr and has smart heat auto clean technology that reminds you when it needs cleaning.

The stainless steel body finish makes this ventair chimney durable and the high-quality, heat-resistant tempered glass will last for years to come. The Ventair Kitchen Chimney is a 90 cm model that fits well on the 2-5 burner gas stoves underneath your kitchen counter or island!

Chimney works perfectly with a 2-5 burners gas stove. Whether you want to install it into a kitchen or restaurant, choosing one of the most stylish chimneys will help your décor look instantly better.

The Ventair chimney has a motion sensor that turns on automatically when someone stands nearby and turns off after a set amount of time without being activated again. This makes your life easier while ensuring the great performance of the chimney.

Dimension90 x 45 x 47 Centimetres
Special Feature Autoclean Chimney,
MaterialGlossy Finish 

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Ventair Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 90 CM 1400 m3/hr, Made in India (Don 3G, 11-degree baffle filter with SS oil cup, Touch Control, 3rd Generation Heat Cleaning Technology)

ventair chimney online

The Ventair Auto Clean Chimney is a decorative chimney that helps in the auto collection of oil, grease, and smoke coming from gas burners.

The unique features of ventair chimney such as 1430 m3/hr powerful suction perfect for larger homes, 11-degree baffle oil filter with SS oil cup provide maximum protection from any kind of oil leakage.

The vent also enables easy removal for cleaning and removal of collected sludge. The new sleek, stylish designed chimney is available in three color options – stainless steel, gold, and black.

This beautiful Stainless Steel Chimney is perfect for big 2-5 Burner Gas Stoves. The Ventair chimney has an 11-degree baffle filter that helps in collecting the oil and grease, making it easier to clean the chimney without dirtying your hands. Buy ventair chimney online Now.

Dimension90 x 45 x 47 Centimetres
Special Feature Autoclean Chimney,
MaterialBlack Oxide

VENTAIR Auto Clean Musical Kitchen 1200 m3/hr Sigma Music 60, 11 Degree Baffle Filter Chimney with SS Oil Cup 

ventair chimney

VENTAIR Auto Clean Musical Kitchen 1200 m3/hr – Sigma Music 60, 11 Degree Baffle Filter Chimney with SS Oil Cup, Touch Control, 3rd Generation Heat Cleaning Technology. High Quality – Heat Resistant – Tempered Glass – Stainless Steel Finish with Decorative SS with Glass Hood.

This stainless steel chimney comes with an in-built music system that will play any song of your choice from the Bluetooth device in your house which can be easily controlled from the chimney itself.

The ventair chimney also has a touch-sensitive control pad which you can use to turn on/off the light and turn on/off the music. Perfect for music lovers who like to listen to music, or listen to news and cook – Perfect for those who like entertainment and want to enjoy cooking.

VENTAIR Auto clean Musicals have a powerful maximum suction of 1200 m3/hr 3rd generation heat cleaning technology which makes it more powerful than other auto-clean models in the market which have an average suction power of 500-700 m3/hr. Feather Touch Control Switch – A USP by Ventair that is one of its kind in India.

Dimension60 x 45 x 47 Centimetres
Special Feature India’s One and Only Musical Auto Clean Chimneys with Radio and Bluetooth
MaterialBlack Oxide

Ventair Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 90 CM 1600 m3/hr Made in India 

kitchen chimney ventair

This powerful Ventair Kitchen Chimney boasts 3rd Generation Heat Auto Clean Technology that automatically cleans the chute of any oil or grease build-up. This feature, along with the 11-degree baffle filter, makes this chute more powerful and reliable than other cooktop heat vents.

In addition, the 800 m3/hr capacity keeps your kitchen area cool and eliminates any chance of smoke inhalation. The 90 CM size is perfect for smaller gas stoves and saves valuable space underneath your stove.

Constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel, this chimney will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

Enjoy fast speeds, powerful suction, and convenience with this Ventair 90 cm chimney with LED lights.

Hot smoke from your home gas stove can be removed from your home’s environment quickly, as this chimney uses a powerful 1600 m³/hr maximum vacuum level. The heat sensor auto clean technology allows for chimney cleaning to be completed by itself.

Dimension90 x 45 x 47 Centimetres
Special Feature Colorful LED Panel in Front Glass
MaterialStainless  Steel

Ventair Autoclean Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1150 m3/hr Made in India (Auto Excel, Backlit Push Button, Colour- Red, Conical Baffle Filter)

Top 10 ventair chimney in India

Ventair Autoclean Kitchen Chimney 60 cm – 1150 m3/hr is ideal for Indian kitchens. It is more energy-efficient and provides instant Auto Cleaning features.

It uses a 4 step cleaning process, including an extremely powerful suction and a high Mesh Conical Baffle Filter. It is perfect for 2-3 Burner Gas Stoves underneath.

For good hygiene, fresh and pure air – Standalone automatic kitchen chimney for gas-stoves. Tempered Glass panel with air inlet and outlet at the base for long durability.

Inlet & outlet in perfect line for lift effect is highly efficient to extract smoke, odors, germs, fumes and other pollutants. 60 Cm Wide chimney suits perfectly for LPG & Natural Gas Stoves underneath with two or three burners.

Dimension60 x 45 x 54Centimetres
Special Feature seamless Push Control, Conical Baffle Filter, Powerful 1150 m3/hr Suction, Unique Auspicious Indian Front Glass Colour and Design, 60 cm or 2ft Stainless Steel Chimney
MaterialStainless  Steel

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