Know this Important things before installing kitchen chimney

Chimneys play an important role in our kitchen, they extract heat, smoke, food odor, and grease. Chimneys work on the basic principle of hot air rises above the cold air, using this principle chimneys pull in the smoke and odor with the help of an exhaust fan.

Chimney brands usually provide the installation of kitchen chimneys free of cost or charge a small amount of money, but it is always good to know the process to check their work.

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Kitchen chimney installation requires the following steps to be done in order:

1.Where do you want your chimney to be placed?

Chimneys can be broadly divided into four general categories:

  •       Island chimney– When the cooking top is placed in the center of the kitchen away from any wall or side support the chimney can be hung from the ceiling directly on top of the cooking top.
  •       Wall-mounted chimney– These are fitted against the wall and the hob is placed adjacent to the wall. This is the most popular type of placement.
  •       Built-in chimney– They give a sleek look to the kitchen as they are placed inside the wooden furniture. They are especially convenient for small apartments.
  •       Corner chimney- This is placed at the corner of the kitchen. It is rarely used in India.
Kitchen chimney installation, best chimney online

2.Size of chimney

The standard size of kitchen chimneys is 60cm and 90 cm. It is to be selected based on stove size.

  •       For 2-4 burners 60cm is sufficient.
  •       For 3-5 burners 90cm is to be considered.
Kitchen chimney installation, best chimney online

3.Height for kitchen chimney installation

While installing the kitchen chimney it is important to determine the correct height from the cooktop. If the height is too low the chimney is at the risk of catching fire and if the height is too high then the chimney will not be able to pull all the smoke and oil and one will be left with an oily kitchen surface over time.

According to the kaff chimney installation manual, the ideal height for a chimney is from 24’’ to 30’’. If it is below 24’’ it is prone to catching fire and if it is above 30’’ it will not have enough suction power.

4.Kitchen Chimney Duct

Chimney as usually of two types:

  •       Ducted chimney– For a ducted chimney, the duct length is also a necessary factor to keep in mind while installing, its length should never be greater than 12 feet. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most preferred type of duct materials because of their durability and strength. Most of the chimneys are usually shipped with PVC duct which easily melts under temperature. Another important point to note is that the duct should not contain too many turns as it will reduce suction power.
  •       Ductless chimney– A ductless chimney is not fitted with any duct or pipes to channel the oil and smoke to the outside rather it purifies the air and circulates it inside the kitchen. It traps all the airborne particles in the activated charcoal filter but does not help much in regulating the temperature.
Kitchen chimney installation, best chimney online

5.Suction power

The suction power of a kitchen chimney goes hand in hand with the chimney’s height and the number of turns in the duct. If the suction power of the chimney is moderate then it is not advised to install the chimney above 29’’, to go beyond that one should consider a chimney with a greater suction power such as Elica 90cm 1425 m3/hr.

  1. Chimney filters

Chimney filters are used in ducted chimneys and are usually classified into three types based on the manufacturing structure and materials used:

  •       Mesh filter– It is made up of several layers of aluminum mesh, during the process of suction it catches the grease and oil particles. It must be cleaned once a week otherwise it will greatly hinder the suction power of the chimney and also increase the noise. It is relatively cheaper than the other types of filters present in the market but is not suitable for Indian cooking methods.
  •       Baffle filter-It is made up of multiple stainless steel curved panels, these curves in the panels catch the oil and grease particles. Its duration of cleaning varies from 3-4 weeks but even if left for some time its suction power and noise won’t be hindered. It is more durable than the others but at the same time, it is the most expensive of the bunch. Baffle filters are most suitable for Indian cooking habits.
  •       Charcoal filter– It is made up of charcoal slates with holes inside it and these holes help in catching the grease and oil particles. It is not washable and thus has to be replaced within 3-4 months.
Kitchen chimney installation, best chimney online

7.Chimney duct cutout in external wall

In the external wall, there must be a 6-inch wide circular hole for the chimney duct. This cut-out must be present at a height of 7 feet from the floor level. In case the cutout is not present one should contact the chimney installer to make the correct hole on the external wall or use the existing exhaust fan hole to pass the duct through it.

If you live in a restricted condition where you won’t be allowed to make a cutout, such as a rented apartment, going with the ductless model is the only option.

  1. wiring

Just as any other appliance chimneys also need power for their working which can be provided using wires. Correct wiring is necessary for the safety of the user and chimney otherwise the user is at risk of getting shocked and the chimney may also face short-circuiting without proper earthing.


  • how to choose kitchen chimney size

The kitchen chimney size is based on the no of burners, for 2-4 burners 60cm is sufficient but for 3-5 burners 90 cm is to be considered.

  • kitchen chimney installation cost in India

Installation of kitchen chimneys in India usually costs ranges from 500 to 2000 INR.

  • how kitchen chimney is installed

Read the guide above for detailed information on the kitchen chimney installation.

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