Kitchen Chimney Duct Vs. Ductless: Which One Should You Buy?

According to the studies, the pollution inside the kitchen is more than it is outside. The person who cooks in the kitchen is more vulnerable to pollution and the solution to prevent this is the kitchen chimney

Firstly, what are kitchen chimneys? 

A kitchen chimney is an electrical utensil, which plays a major role in every house. It helps you to prevent smoke and other harmful gas particles produced while you are cooking. It is mandatory to install a kitchen chimney in your house as it makes the home fresh and free from pollution. It’s been referred to as the “Heart of the kitchen”.

Kitchen Chimney Duct Vs. Ductless:

Chimneys are broadly classified into two types –ducts and ductless. 

Ducted chimneys are the ones that transfer the stale air from the chimney and realise it through our houses with the help of the duct, that is, a passageway or tube. Its one end is connected with the chimney and the other end is connected with the window or wall through which smoke, fumes and other harmful particles can be removed from the kitchen. 

Ductless chimneys where the stale air passes through a set of charcoal filters and the purified air is circulated back into the kitchen. 

Duct VS Ductless chimneys. 

1.Installation and Flexibility 

Ducted chimneys are a little expensive to install , as it requires more labour cost. Plus it is less flexible because ducted chimneys need to be installed near the windows or in the walls through which ducts can pass on. On the other hand, ductless chimneys are way easy to install and require less or no labor costs. It is very flexible as compared to ducted chimneys. 

2. Performance

When you switch on the ducted chimneys it absorbs all the smoke, harmful particles and fumes from the kitchen and makes it through our houses because of which heat, condensation and moisture doesn’t develop in our houses and  you get a cooler and dryer kitchen. It has no charcoal filter which leads to a better suction power and good performance. 

Vice versa, due to the presence of activated charcoal filters in Ductless chimneys smoke and fumes get filtered but heat and moisture still remains in the kitchen. You may also face humidity . In this chimney , along with charcoal filters, a baffled filter is also used to pass the air  due to which the blower needs more power. So compared to ductless chimneys, duct chimneys provide us with better performance. 

3.Noise Level

 Noise making plays an important role because people may find it irritating if the chimneys make sounds. Talking about ductless chimneys,  they make more sound compared to duct chimneys because the blower needs extra power to make the air pass through the filter and for making the recirculating system effective. On the other hand, duct chimneys have low noise level because it’s blower doesn’t need extra power as it has baffle filter and mesh filter which are more effective and make less  noise. 

4.Size and Space 

Both the chimneys are almost of the same size. If you have 2 to 3 burners then 60 cm in size is sufficient and if you have more burners say 4 or 5 then 90 cm will be sufficient. Duct chimneys require more space because in that case you need to install the ducts and you can only keep the chimneys only close to windows or walls however ductless chimneys can be installed wherever you want and occupy less space. 

5. Maintenance and Service

Ductless chimneys have activated charcoal filters which absorb smoke and fumes also helps to clean the air due to which you need to replace it from time to time. It also depends upon its usage for which it’s annual maintenance charges are high. Comparatively , duct chimneys have no charcoal filter so you don’t need to replace it . Ductless chimneys have a high powerful fan for which it has more power consumption from duct chimneys. 


Ducted chimneys are the best compared to ductless chimneys from the above-mentioned points. It absorbs all the smoke and harmful particles and releases it instantly from the houses. 

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