Know how does kitchen chimney works?

A kitchen chimney is a chimney that is used to ventilate a kitchen. It is a metal tube that is placed over the cookstove to draw smoke and fumes out of the room. The most common type of kitchen chimney is made from sheet metal and has a perforated cover over the top that allows air to enter the chimney while keeping smoke from escaping. Kitchen chimneys are a modern and simple way to help control the flow of natural air into your home. 

The kitchen chimney has a working principle like that of the fireplace, but it is much safer. The natural gas burner provides the heat for the oven and the stovetop. The burners are gas-fired, open broiler burners with flames that extend out from behind the grates.

Kitchen Chimney working 

A kitchen chimney is basically a system of ducts that channel smoke, moisture, and grease down from the kitchen. The chimney prevents these substances from escaping into the house and allows them to be released outside. 

 chimney is of two types

  1. Ducted Chimney
  2. Ductless chimney

The ways both these systems work have a few differences. A ducted chimney comprises a hood, a motor, filters, hose pipes/PVC pipes, and an elaborate ducting system. It requires proper plumbing for the ducts to be laid out and integrated into the masonry. It is generally placed directly above the stove to ensure maximum ventilation.

A ductless chimney is a chimney that has the same benefits as a ducted chimney but does not have ducts. The air first flows through an oil-removing filter which eliminates smoke and airborne toxins. Once the air is clean, the homeowner can enjoy safe ventilation with no “chimney effect”.

Ducted chimneys are a type of central air-conditioning system that can be placed in a room and vent all the polluted indoor air outside. They make it possible for you to control indoor air quality, giving you clean air to breathe. They work by extracting air from the room and blowing it outside.

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What is an auto-clean chimney and how does it work?

There are a number of chimney designs available for use in your kitchen. The most recommended one is the automatic chimney that captures oil and smoke with its oil filter and high-efficiency venting.

It is also unique as the chimney operates solely through the power of gravity. A kitchen chimney is an appliance that makes the kitchen clean and free from smoke, but cleaning the chimney is a tedious and time-consuming process. 

With the auto cleaning feature, you don’t even have to clean the chimney.

Air is sucked in through a chimney hood with a motorized fan. When the fan switches on, it sucks in all the air from the kitchen, sucking away smoke or oily fumes.

The motorized fan sucks up other smelly materials such as oil, and other materials that have been deposited along with it. After these substances have been collected, they are passed to the oil contained that can be detached and cleaned away. 

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How does an electric chimney work?

An electric chimney is designed to suck the air inside a kitchen along with the grease particles. As the air passes through it, filters in the chimney absorb heat and trap all the grease particles.

It keeps the kitchen cool and free of odors. The benefit of using an electric chimney is that it keeps the ceiling and wall behind the stove clean. Cooking food releases a lot of liquid microscopic particles that consist of soot, smoke, water vapor, oil fumes, aromatic fumes and greasy substances. These substances are harmful to health and cause respiratory disorders.

Hence it is necessary to release this indoor air pollution before it mixes with fresh air. It can be done through chimneys, exhaust fans,  windows, and ventilators. Chimney works more efficiently in removing particulates. 

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 How does the kitchen chimney work?

Kitchen chimneys are installed just above the cooking stove. It absorbs all the particulates through the motor with the wing. Pollutant air passes through the first core cleaning filter surface, in which fats, soaps, and large particles are settled.

The next step is a thin clean-up. Paper, acrylic, and coal filters are used for this purpose.

In inflow systems, these filters may not exist, or they can be removed by the users themselves, as the first level of air treatment is sufficient to be released into the ventilation system.

In recycling devices, air through channels located on the sides enters back into the room. While at the diversion, it moves to the ventilation shaft. It is important to install a kitchen chimney as it absorbs all the particulates from the kitchen and keeps your kitchen pollutant-free. 

how does kitchen chimney works: best Kitchen Chimney Online

What are the uses of chimneys in the kitchen?

 Uses of installing chimneys in the kitchen are as follows:

  • It removes all the dust particulates and greasy air out of the kitchen. 
  • It enables easy access to all the things required in time of cooking as well as the users can stay away from all the unwanted dirt and smoke and the heart of a modular kitchen is a highly functional electric chimney. 
  • You can protect your precious tiles, stones, granite, and other materials from sticky fumes. It won’t be affected by the grease and dust produced while cooking.
  • It makes your kitchen smoke-free and odourless.
  • The high suction capacity of these chimneys makes your home free from the choking odor of the spices and thus prevents sneezing.
  • It decorates your kitchen and makes the overall cooking space look quite aesthetically appealing.
  • You can save a significant amount of money on the maintenance of your kitchen.
uses of chimneys in the kitchen


  • Is a kitchen chimney necessary?

The persistent smell of cooked food that stays in the house is usually not pleasant. These smells can be removed by the use of a chimney. Chimneys pull in the air from the fireplace along with all the grease and oil that is produced during the course of cooking. Hence  a kitchen chimney is necessary

  • Which chimney is best for the kitchen?

The electric chimney is best for the kitchen and is preferred in Indian households due to its greater suction power. So it easily pulls even the heavier particles, it comes with an auto-clean function which keeps the hassle to a minimum and also increases the lifetime of the chimney.

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