Faber vs Elica Chimney: which one to buy?

When you are shopping for a new chimney, you will find many brands that offer a wide range of models.  Faber and Elica are two of the most popular brands.  The comparison between Faber vs Elica Chimney can be very useful to help you decide which brand to go for. Since there have been so many models from both brands, This article will only talk about their most popular models.

Faber is among the most popular kitchen chimney brands in India. They have a wide range of goods from their Chimneys and Hobs to accessories. They’re just one of the brands which can be found in almost every Indian household. They are also famous for their ads that are very funny.

Elica is also among the best kitchen chimney brands in India. However, they do not have a very broad marketplace as Faber has. Their products are somewhat expensive compared to Faber, but they have some special features.

If you wish to buy a chimney then you should go for Faber because it is cheaper than Elica and it has better service when compared with Elica. If you want to buy a hob then you should go for Elica because they have better hobs compared to Faber and it costs less than other brands like Bosch or Siemens.

Faber vs Elica Chimney which one to buy

Comparison of Faber vs Elica Chimney

In comparison to Faber Chimney, Elica Chimney offers more powerful suction and longer durability. But, if you are someone who is concerned about their pocket, then Faber Chimney should be your pick.

The best part of the Elica Chimney is that it comes with both a baffle and a carbon filter. This chimney has an auto-clean feature which makes it easy to maintain and clean. The chimneys also come with a warranty of 7 years.

In comparison to the Elica Chimney, Faber Chimney is designed in a way that adds beauty to your kitchen along with its utility. The three layered baffle filter is one of the best features of this chimney as it helps in removing oil and other particles from your kitchen’s air.

Faber chimney offers less durability as compared to Elica chimneys but at an affordable price.

Comparison of Faber vs Elica Chimney

Faber vs Elica Chimney for Kitchen:

Elica Chimney:

Elica is a brand that has been associated with kitchen appliances for a long time now. It has a wide variety of chimneys and hobs made from various materials, like glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Elica is an Italian brand, and the quality of their products is no different than the quality one would expect. The designs are modern and sleek. Some of the chimneys come with LED lights to make it easier to cook.

Fabrication: Glass, Stainless Steel

Suction Capacity: 1100-1300m3/hr

List of top Elica Chimney in India:

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Faber Chimney

Faber is an Italian brand that manufactures kitchen appliances like hoods, chimneys, hobs and ovens. With over 50 years of experience in the market, Faber is a name to reckon with. Faber offers products ranging from copper to stainless steel to toughened glass chimneys. The designs are simple yet contemporary and come with features like baffle filters for oil filtering. The suction capacity ranges from 1100 – 1200 m3/hr.

Fabrication: Copper, Toughened Glass, Stainless Steel

Suction Capacity: 1100-1200m3/hr

Faber vs Elica Filterless Chimney

Faber Filterless Chimney:

Faber filterless chimneys are the easiest way to enjoy an oil-free, clean and smoke-free kitchen. The chimneys are equipped with a powerful motor which sucks in all the smoke and odour, gives you a cleaner environment to cook in, and also prevents the greasy deposits on your walls. In addition to this, they are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Elica Filterless Chimney:

In today’s world where pollution is a big concern, we need to make sure that our surroundings are always clean and healthy. Elica offers range of filterless chimneys which are the latest technology in the market. Filterless chimneys are very popular because they don’t need any expensive filters which needs to be replaced often.Elica filterless chimneys have a self-cleaning mechanism that does not require any external maintenance at all. The cleaning process starts automatically once the chimney is turned on and it uses water for this purpose. It removes grease and dirt from the kitchen, making it clean and fresh. This process of self-cleaning takes around 30 minutes to complete. As this process is completely automatic you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

FAQ for faber vs elica Chimney

  1. which is better elica or faber

When it comes to faber vs elica chimney. Elica is the best brand in India for chimneys and hobs. in terms of design, quality, functions and service elica is the best.

Faber has a good brand name, but it has some problems in terms of design and service.

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