Top 9 Bosch Chimney Price List in India 2023- Buying and review guide

The kitchen chimney is very convenient and helpful to most homes with a fireplace in the kitchen area. A kitchen chimney is a super-convenient way of getting rid of smoke and smell from your kitchen area by, instead of having to exit out the same door that you entered just to get outside, you can use the bosch chimney more effectively and efficiently by using it to release the smoke onto the roof, where is easier for the smoke to be released into the air.

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Do you want to buy a bosch chimney? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place here we listed the top 10 bosch chimney review to help you to find out a perfect bosch chimney for the kitchen.

When it comes to buying a chimney for kitchen bosch chimney models are also a good option to install a chimney in a kitchen. If you are thinking to buy a bosch chimney in India 2023 you can go ahead without worrying. It is good option to opt bosch kitchen chimney.

Here is The Top 9 Bosch Chimney Price List in India 2023:

Bosch chimney Serie | 6 90 cm Wall-mounted Stainless steel Hood Box slimline brand design Chimney (DWB098E51)

bosch kitchen chimney in India

The Bosch Chimney Serie | 6 90 cm Wall-mounted Stainless steel Hood Box slimline brand design Chimney (DWB098E51) is a stainless steel chimney hood with a diameter of 90 cm that has been designed for installations with recirculating ventilation.

The wall-mounted hood product is intended for recirculation (type RD) and can be used for ducted or recirculation. Three variable speeds allow flexible operation and the special intensive function provides an extremely powerful additional boost.

The illuminance of the appliance can be matched to the cooking activity by adjusting the internal reflector and offers additional performance in situations where hot stray gases from the cooking process are particularly problematic, e.g., when making popcorn, grilling meat or using a gas broiler.

An easy-to-clean grease filter helps protect both the health and the kitchen environment and also protects the efficient cooling fan from dirt build-up.

A range hood’s aesthetics is a big plus in today’s kitchens and, to enhance this further, Bosch has designed its wall hoods with a stainless steel housing that is available in various colors and with a variety of styling elements.  This bosch chimney 90cm is a good option to buy when it comes to bosch chimney models.

Material Stainless Steel
Dimension90 x 100 x 65 Centimeters
Colour Silver 
Special Feature LED lighting, automatically reset , it quickly ensures optimal kitchen air quality,   attractive, 

Bosch Chimney 60cm DWG068D50I, 350W Powered Motor, Baffle Filters, Push Control, Stainless steel

bosch chimney for kitchen

This Bosch Chimney Cooker Hood combines remarkable design with the latest technologies to ensure you always have a healthy and clean kitchen environment. It has an impact-resistant stainless steel finish and is easily installed above your workspace.

The 3 fan speed settings allow you to keep your kitchen cool and fresh, while the extra wide glass panels provide you with optimum visibility.

The Baffle filters are designed to help reduce grease in your air supply, while the Dolby level reduces the overall noise coming from the unit. This bosch chimney 60cm is also one of the best chimney model. This bosch chimney price is reasonable to buy.

Material Stainless Steel
Dimension52 x 60 x 59.4 Centimeters  
Colour Silver 
Special Feature 3 Fan speed Setting

Bosch Chimney Serie | 2 90cm Integrated Glass Wall Mounted Hood Chimney | Real Suction 745 m3/h DWH098D60I

bosch chimney price

The Bosch Serie 2 90cm integrated glass wall-mounted hood is the ideal appliance when you have a smaller kitchen where space is at a premium. It features 2 LED spotlights and 745 m3/h extraction capacity to ensure that all the steam and smells are removed from the cooking area.

You can be assured of optimum hygiene thanks to its removable grease filter. The glasses can be easily removed for cleaning and care, or for accessory installation.

The real suction is increased by means of a re-circulation function and airwash function. The hood offers 2 bright spotlights and 2 halogen lights. The clear glass panel shows that this kitchen has style.

Material Glass
Dimension65 x 89.8 x 46 Centimeters
Colour Black
Special Feature Gives Modular look to kitchen

Bosch Chimney 90cm 800 m3/hr  (DWK098G60I, 1 Cassette Filter, Touch Control, Black)

bosch kitchen chimney

Bosch’s Chimney 800 m3/hr  is designed with a capacity of up to 800 m3/hr and comes with a 2 year warranty on the product, and 5 years on the motor.

This unit can be wall mounted with an optional accessory kit or used with a cassette filter as stationary or as part of an island unit collection. It features 4 fan speed settings (three-plus intense), touch control, and an 85-degree vertical swivel for optimum reach.

It has a noise level from to 55 dB to 77 dB and is suited for kitchen size <100 sqft & low frying/grilling. The 60 cm (24″) diameter of the device allows you to clean your kitchen faster with this bosch kitchen chimney. You can simply lift it and remove the dirt.

Do not worry about cleaning in your house because this bosch chimney hood helps you out to make it neat and clean especially when you have guests at home.

Material Glass & Steel
Dimension65 x 89.8 x 46 Centimeters
Colour Black
Special Feature Touch Control 

Bosch Chimney 90cm DWG098D50I, 350W Powered Motor, Baffle filters, Push Control, Stainless steel)

bosch chimney review

Introducing the Bosch Starck 9 oven, with a crisp new design in Stainless Steel. The brushed and polished stainless steel banding gives the kitchen oven a contemporary look, whilst the sleek glass door ensures your oven can be seen from all angles.

With storage for up to six cookbooks and internal light so you can see what’s cooking. The new, non-scratch enamel interior provides easy cleaning, as does the bakelite door frame.

Material Glass & Steel
Dimension65 x 89.8 x 46 Centimeters
Colour Black
Special Feature Touch Control 

Bosch Serie | 2 wall-mounted cooker hood 60 cm Stainless steel Chimney DWH068D60I

bosch chimney price in India

The perfect wall-mounted large-sized stove for mounting on kitchen walls The Bosch chimney Serie 60 cm Stainless steel  is part of a range that is the right choice for all those who want to turn their dreams into reality.

The special box design allows easy installation on kitchen walls with the flue outlet in front and optimized use of space. A brushed stainless steel finish and chromed push-buttons and logo strip add an attractive impression to the design.

This bosch chimney offers all of the benefits of a modern, innovative gas cooktop with intelligent control.

Material Glass & Steel
Dimension46 x 59.8 x 65 Centimeters
Colour Black
Special Feature The energy-saving lighting provides white and good lighting for the hob area., Converts to Recirculation Mode with Accessory Kit

Bosch Chimney Serie|4 Wall mounted hoods Chimney 90 cm flat black DWB098G60I

bosch auto clean chimney

The Bosch chimney Serie|4 Wall-mounted hoods 90 cm flat black combines an elegant design with high-end technology to create a hood that is as useful as it is beautiful.

The box design allows this product to be easily wall mounted and its high performance provides optimum extraction of unwanted fumes, odours, and smoke in the surrounding area.

A full width touch controls provide simple control over fan speeds along with full lighting control. This Bosch chimney wall mounted hood features a stainless steel and glass panel for exceptional style and strength along with a chromed logo panel that matches the rest of the unit’s fixtures perfectly.

Material Stainless Steel
Dimension59.4 x 90 x 49 Centimeters
Colour Black
Special Feature LED light 

BOSCH Chimney 90cm filterless with touch control DWS97BA62I

bosch chimney models

In black glass style and with a touch control you will be stylishly equipped! The elegant wall-mounted hood with a 2-year warranty, has a built-in LED light line and offers three fan speeds (including the new soft mode) and two absorption areas.

This means that the heated air is blown to the sides. To this end, it can assimilate up to 4,000 m³ per hour. A powerful twin channel motor is used for that purpose and two 1.5W LEDs indicate which mode the hood is operating in. So now your kitchen will have a pleasant fresh smell again!

This bosch chimney is a complete filterless chimney hood. For optimal ventilation, the hood can be installed either in recirculation or ducted mode, independently of whether fresh air is recirculated or ambient air is drawn into the kitchen.

A fully controllable lighting with three fan speed settings offers flexible control over the kitchen´s climate.

Material Glass
Dimension800 x 895 x 435 mm
Colour Black
Special Feature 3 fan speed setting

Bosch Chimney 90cm 800 m3/hr (DWB098G50I, 3 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Steel/Grey)

bosch kitchen chimney reviews

Introducing the Bosch Chimney 800 m3/hr , a product that is perfect for Indian kitchens. With a suction capacity of 800 cubic meters per hour, it’s ideal for low to medium frying and grilling.

Its 3 baffle filters make cleaning effortless and hassle-free. And with a control type of touch control and gives you total control over the cooking process.

In addition, with high-quality steel material and a color of steel/grey, you’re sure to love this bosch chimney for years to come. Don’t worry about the warranty of this bosch kitchen chimney. Enjoy 2 years on product and 5 years on motor guaranteed by Bosch chimney!

Material Steel
Dimension49 x 50 x 59.4 cm
Colour Grey
Special Feature Baffle Filter

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