Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India 2023- Buying and Review Guide

Are you looking for the best chimney under 15000? As we know Kitchen chimney filters eliminate the problem of making difficult or unhealthy smokestacks in your kitchen.

They come in several different models, and while some cost more than others, all provide effective easy-to-use efficiency gains. Best Kitchen chimneys have evolved.

From the simplest design using just a log and a couple of sticks to more sophisticated piece designs that incorporate copper drainage and even an on/off light, every type of kitchen chimney has a purpose and a way to meet the needs of different sized homeowners.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to improve the look of your kitchen or you’re looking for something that will offer some extra protection. 

There are many other options though and in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best and most popular ones. Here is a list of the best kitchen chimneys under 15000. Which you can buy for your kitchen.

 List Of 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India 2023

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 chimneys under 15000. Which will suit your Kitchen in every sense.

Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney 

best chimney under 15000

Faber’s 90 cm (3-5 burner) Kitchen Chimney under 15000, designed to remove dangerous airborne pollutants from your home and reduce the growth of germs and mold on your furniture and surfaces.

Combines the power and performance of a range of HDB steam cleaners and electrostatic fans to ensure a stunning clean look without damaging your furniture or main floor surfaces.

The 90 cm (3-5 burner) appliance is available in a variety of options to suit your specific Requirement. These include the Hood Element XPRESS. This unit comes with a built-in electrostatic fan. This allows you to control the speed of the motor using a simple grip switch located on the front panel. 

This Faber 90 cm x 120 cm (3-5 burner) Kitchen Chimney is the perfect addition to any cook’s arsenal. Not only does it bring fresh air into your home via its large opening, but it effectively filters out dirt, dust, and smoke.

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Size90 cm
Item Weight14000 Grams
Dimensions50 x 90 x 60 Centimeters
Special FeaturesFilterless, Heat Auto Clean, Touch Control
Suction Capacity1200 m3/hr (for kitchen size >200 sqft & heavy frying/grilling)
Control Type touch; speed: 3-speed touch switch with motion sensor; panel material: black tempered glass
Mounting typeWall Mount

Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney 

chimney under 15000, Best kitchen chimney

The Faber 60cm (2-4 burner) kitchen chimney under 15000 intercepts cooking smoke and reduces it to non-hazardous fine particles, thus improving the quality of your cooking. The patented design of Faber consists of an outer lid with an inner chamber cut to intercept and concentrate the smoke.

The inner chamber is made from high-quality heat-resistant materials. As a result, the Faber chimney will last longer than conventional units, ensuring that your cooking enjoyment is extended for an even longer time.

A curved glass kitchen chimney with auto-clean and a noise level of 58dB is perfect for kitchens measuring more than 200 sqft and which use 2-4 burners.

Size60 cm
Mounting typeWall Mount
Dimensions48 x 60 x 60 Centimeters
Special FeaturesAuto Clean, Touch Control
Suction Capacity1500 m3/hr
Control Type Touch control 

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney 

best chimney for kitchen under 15000

EuroDomo introduces the best-curved glass kitchen chimney under 15000 (Hood Prime HC TC BK 60, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black) in the market thus far.

Developed with a modular design concept, this sleek and sophisticated piece ensures you have enough room to install it above your stove or in a different position on your wall.

It comes with an in-built sensor that becomes activated when the area around the filter is denser than normal. If this happens, the fan will begin to slow down its fan capabilities to ensure the air within the filter is smoothly filtered before reaching your kitchen.

If at any point the density changes again, the sensor will act again and restore the original configuration.

Mounting typeWall Mount
Dimensions48 x 60 x 60 Centimeters
Special FeaturesAuto Clean, Touch Control
Suction Capacity1200 m3/hr
Warranty1 year on product, 5 years on motor

Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney 

top 10 chimney under 15000, Best chimney

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen solution on a budget then the Faber 60 cm (2-4 burner) 1500 m³/hr auto-clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney under 15000 (HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY HC SC BK 60, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black) by Hood Products is a great option.

The adjustable steel frame features a curved design that allows you to place it where you want it without having to worry about the angle. Once in place, the curved design reaches right into the burner area making it easy to clean while creating a clean look throughout.

This curved glass chimney is wall-mounted. It has a capacity of 1500 m³/hr and a suction area of 52 x 30 cmsq. 

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney 

chimney for kitchen

Eurodomo is a product of distinguished design. This curvy, 60 cm (2-4 burner) high capacity, auto-clean unit is suitable for any kitchen with a large capacity saucepan, high capacity slow cooker, or any heavy saucepan or roaster.

With an innovative design that allows all users to fill the chamber at the same time, it is ideal for families with children sitting around the dinner table who would rather not have to wash their hands after handling the saucepan or remove the coffee beans from a spoon.

There is a hood available which frames the product very well. 

The baffle filter is recommended for Indian households that use a lot of spices and oils. However, the baffle filter only needs cleaning every six months, which is a significant advantage over other filters. This is the best kitchen chimney which is under 15000.

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Size60 cm
Mounting typeWall Mount
Dimensions48 x 60 x 60 Centimeters
Special FeaturesAuto Clean, Touch Control
Suction Capacity1200 m3/hr
Warranty1 year on product, 5 years on motor

Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney with Motion Sensor and Touch Control 

best kitchen chimney in india

The Hindware Nadia kitchen chimney under 15000 60 cm (19″”x 9.7″”x 23″) provides a remarkable feature in its design and functionality. This is a device that helps you to quickly and effectively clean your cooking pieces without using spill-resistant or other hazardous materials.

This unit is fitted with a powerful motor that provides a suction capacity of up to 1200 m3 (4 Hr.), which is greater than that of most front-load washing machines currently on the market.

This means that you will be able to clean large batches of food in a fraction of the time using only a paper towel between each piece of food. 

This best kitchen chimney under 15000 has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr and is suitable for heavy frying and grilling. Its filterless technology will prevent contact with the motor and blower assembly. 

Size60 cm
Mounting typeWall Mount
Finish TypePolished
Special FeaturesThermal Auto Clean, Motion Sensing, Filterless, Stainless Steel Oil Collector
Suction Capacity1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
Warranty1 year on product and 5 years on motor.

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Glen 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Glass Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney Baffle Filters Push Buttons (6062 SS, Silver)

best kitchen chimney

Glen 60 cm 1000 M3/hr Glass Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney under 15000 Baffle Filters: These highly efficient, lightweight, and feature-rich electric fans are the perfect additions to any kitchen.

They allow you to heat food to desired temperatures in seconds rather than minutes; carefully place ingredients into boiling water or steam and produce minimal smoke or ash.

These units feature a unique mounting system that allows them to be placed almost anywhere on a wall or even ceiling without having to cut or dig into the installed surface area.

Using an integrated electric circuit, the fan uses the heat from the cooking appliance to power an on-off switch that allows you to set the desired rate of heat transfer without actually turning on the appliance itself. 

Mounted, silver, 2-4 burner stove, straight, 1000 m3/hr, baffle filters, noise 58 dB. Suction capacity: 1000 m3/hr, suitable for kitchens up to 100-150 square feet. You can trust this chimney as it is the best kitchen chimney in India

MaterialGlass and Stainless Steel
Mounting typeWall Mount
Finish TypeStainless Steel
Special FeaturesA Sleek Look, Modern and Attractive, Chimney in Glass & Steel
Suction Capacity1000 m3/hr
WarrantyLifetime warranty

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Maplin Kitchen Chimney with Auto Glass Opening in 90 cm (Black)

best kitchen chimney brand in india 15000

This is the best omnidirectional plug-in kitchen chimney for a range of applications ranging from economizing space to increasing effective ventilation.

The Plug-In Chimney’s ultra-thin walls eliminate hot spots thereby reducing the need for additional fans or air conditioners while simultaneously increasing the overall efficiency of the airflow.

Its large, lightweight aluminum frame is balanced and secured by an airtight seal against the wall in order to prevent drafts through the wall that could cause overheating or damage to the appliance.

It features an easy-to-see bright LED Wolf Blue light located on top of the kitchen chimney bowl that illuminates the interior space effectively – even in low-light conditions.

This auto clean option eliminates the need to physically scrub your chimney. It uses a heating pad that liquefies any food or grease that may have accumulated in the top section of the chimney.

Size90 cm
MaterialMaplin Kitchen Chimney With Auto Glass Opening in
Mounting type3 Pin Plug
Finish TypeGlass
Special FeaturesHand Sensor, It comes with a Big Display of everything and all auto Function, and also it will sense and show the temperature in the kitchen.
Auto clean Type It comes with a heat pad that can clean the chimney by just pressing a button.

SURYA Autoclean Glass opening Kitchen Chimney (Rangehood) in Toughen Glass With Auto Opening 

best chimney for kitchen

This Kitchen Chimney under 15000 is designed to make your kitchen look sleek and new again with a sleek, modern design that blends in with any decor you have in your place. I’m not really a fan of chopping off long chunks of wood to put on the stove, especially when it comes to wintertime.

This design solves this dilemma by letting you adjust the height of the stove just by pressing two buttons on this device. This makes it easier for me to keep an eye on the temperature in my kitchen without having to constantly pull out my manual. 

Auto Glass Opening model means it will open the glass upside down and give you more space in your kitchen to work without fear of striking your head with a chimney.

Colour Black
MaterialStainless Steel
Mounting typeWall Mount
Finish TypeGlass Finishing
Special FeaturesAuto Glass Opening model, Big Display, Temperature sensor.
Auto clean Type It Comes with a Heat Pad which can clean the Chimney by just pressing a Button

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney (WDFL 906 HAC MS NERO, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black)

10 Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 in India

The Elica 90 cm (1200 mm) Kitchen chimney under 15000 is designed to solve a home owner’s biggest challenge – preventing the entry of harmful smoke and fumes into their home.

The unique double-walled vacuum technology draws in the unhealthy smoke and oily fumes more efficiently and keeps your kitchen smoke-free.

No more waiting for a plume to dissipate or for the fire department to arrive; with the Elica everything is under control within minutes. Elica is the best kitchen chimney brand in India 15000. 

Some people prefer a filter-less design so that grease doesn’t clog the filter, and this product delivers a continuous flow of air without an annoying filter. A wall-mounted design provides a sleek, modern look.

Colour Black
MaterialStainless Steel
Size90 cm
Finish TypeBlack
Special FeaturesAuto Clean, Touch Control
Warranty5 years on Motor and 1 year on product from Date of Purchase.
Mounting typeWall Mount

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