List of top 8 Best Ice cream maker under 5000 in India

I looked for a very long time for an ice cream maker that I could use without making an extra trip to the store to buy rock salt, and this one fit the bill perfectly. I have made three batches of ice cream with my ice cream maker so far and it has worked like a charm. It is small enough that it can be stored in my Kitchen shelf and is easy to clean – just run some hot water through the canister and you’re done. The only thing I would change is the paddle – it’s a bit short, so I have to scrape down the sides of the canister while it’s churning. Overall though, I would definitely recommend ice cream maker machines. 

And the best part is these Ice cream maker machines come in a wide variety and at very reasonable prices. So you and your family can enjoy a variety of ice creams every day without spending much money. 

Moreover, just to help you I am here with the list of best Ice cream makers from which you can pick one for your kitchen. And I hope this blog will help you. So, come with me, and let’s take a look at ice cream maker machines for home online. 

List of Top 8 Best Ice cream maker under 5000 in India:

Kitchenif Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker Capacity (1.5 Ltr), White

The Kitchenif Ice Cream Maker gives you the chance to create a variety of delicious frozen treats. The motor spins the blade up to 80 times a minute to keep your mixture pure and remarkably smooth. 

With this KitchenAid ice cream maker, you can create a chilled dessert anytime with the simple press of a button. The compact design has an easy-access opening on top for adding mix-ins and an easily detachable frozen-bowl container for easy cleanup. The machine includes two free recipes, one from KitchenAid and one from a renowned chef, along with instructional videos to show you how to make ice cream and frozen desserts at home.

And thanks to the half-gallon capacity, you can make enough for everyone in your family. 

Brand NameKitchenif
Item model number ‏ Scoop 111
Weight2.53 Kilograms
Dimension 20.4 x 20.4 x 25 cm
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IBELL ICM04LNEW Ice Cream Maker, 7W, Paddle That Rotates in Both Directions, 400 ml (White)

New Ibell Ice Cream Maker is a very useful product. Make ready and serve healthy frozen desserts free from preservatives with your favorite hand-picked ingredients for your loved ones at the convenience of your home. Modern design with 400ml capacity. I loved the Powerful motor and unique paddle design which mixes the ingredients more efficiently to make ice cream quickly. This ice cream maker machine online Includes a double-insulated freezer bowl with integrated cooling liquid.

Trust me you will also love the Unique paddle design of this ice cream maker. And its a powerful motor that churns the ingredients thoroughly. The double-insulated freezer bowl with integrated cooling liquid ensures that your ice cream freezes quickly and evenly while remaining soft and ready to serve.

Brand NameIBELL 
Item model number ‏ IBLICM04N
Weight900 Gram
Dimension 21 x 13.5 x 10 Centimetres
ASIN‎ ‎ B093PZ7775
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Puramate Prime Automatic Ice Cream Maker / Frozen Yoghurt Maker / Sherbet Slush Maker/Ice Cream Machine (1.5 Ltr)

Have you ever wanted to make your own ice cream or frozen yoghurt just like me? Or how about a refreshing sherbet slush? Now you can! With this fabulous, easy-to-use Ice cream maker machine. However, you can create delicious homemade ice cream in just 30 minutes. You’ll be able to do experiment with all sorts of flavours, try new ingredients and create new combinations. And just because it’s homemade, doesn’t mean it has to be completely healthy – you could try adding chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, honey or mint to create a real sweet treat. The possibilities are endless! After All, it’s summertime. Beat the heat with this amazing Ice cream maker machine.

All you have to do is simply add the ingredients into the bowl and switch on the machine. You don’t need to wait for hours for it to freeze, instead, you can enjoy homemade ice cream in as little as 15-30 minutes!

This ice cream maker is very versatile and easy to use and clean. I love its non-stick bowl which means you never have to worry about your ice cream getting stuck to the sides.  And the best part of this Ice Cream Maker is its clear lid so that you can keep an eye on your mixture as it churns. But what makes this ice cream maker even more special is that you can add ingredients while you’re churning – so if you want to add nuts, chocolate chips or fruit into your ice cream, just lift the lid and sprinkle them in.

I also like one more thing about this ice cream maker that comes with a built-in timer, so you can set it up before you go out and come home to freshly made ice cream!

Brand NamePuramate Prime  
Item model number ‏ B09WNBJV14
Weight2689.00 gram
Dimension 20 x 20 x 23 Centimeters
ASIN‎ ‎ B093PZ7775
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AGARO Maple Ice Cream Maker, 1.2 Litres

This AGARO Ice cream maker is a great way to make delicious ice cream at home. Make your favourite flavour of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other delicious flavours. 

Learn how to make fresh ice cream with the Agaro Ice Cream Maker. Simply add ingredients and turn it on, you will have soft ice cream in 20-30 minutes. This self-contained unit freezes the ingredients as it stirs, creating smooth and creamy ice cream!

 Its 1.2-litre capacity allows you to make large amounts for entertaining or for stocking up with your favourite ice cream flavours. The best part of This Ice Cream Maker has an anodized aluminium bowl that is removed for easy cleaning. So, now you can enjoy homemade ice cream any day of the week with the Agaro Ice Cream Maker!

In short, I can say that AGARO Maple ice cream maker has a 1.2 litres capacity with a detachable bowl, an ingredient funnel and a convenient on/off switch. It is easy to use and has a 1-year warranty.

Brand NameAGARO
Item model number ‏ 33539
Weight2230 Grams
Dimension 22.8 x 20.5 x 22.8 Centimeters 
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 iBELL ICM15L Ice Cream Maker,1.5L, Sorbet/Slush/Frozen Yoghurt Maker (White)

Just turn the machine on and pour your chilled ice cream into the bowl. You will love the double-insulated freezer bowl, along with the special mixing paddle, that does all the work for you.

Its modern design with 1.5 L capacity makes this ice cream maker even more attractive. Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker with a powerful motor and unique paddle design mixes more efficiently to make ice cream quickly. Include a double-insulated freezer bowl with integrated cooling liquid.  This ensures the fastest and most efficient freezing possible besides resulting in a smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream which all of us love. 

This ice cream machine for home comes with a Warranty of 1 Year Standard Warranty + 1 Year Additional Warranty on Free Registration. 

Brand NameiBELL
Item model number ‏ ICM15L
Weight2.7 Kilograms
Dimension 23 x 19.5 x 19.5 cm;  
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Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Sorbet Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker (1.5 Ltr), White

Create delicious and healthy frozen desserts right at home with the Kitchenif Ice Cream Maker! Simply add ingredients, set up the automatic timer, and let the machine do the rest. Its 2-litre capacity makes enough ice cream to enjoy fresh with your family and friends. Make them again and again with your favourite ingredients without any preservatives or stabilisers.

Not only does it provide you with a healthy dessert, but it also allows you to have complete control over the ingredients, a big bonus for those of us who have an intolerance or allergy. If you have children, this ice cream maker is the perfect way to get them involved in the kitchen and teach them about healthy eating.

Brand NameKitchenif
Item model number ‏   Scoop 222
Weight‎ 2 kg 700 g
Dimension 20.9 x 20.9 x 23.5 Centimeters 
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Zoku Ice Cream Maker, Red

Take your ice cream making to the next level with Zoku. With this ice cream maker, you’ll be creating delicious, home-made treats in as little as ten minutes. What I loved the most about this ice cream maker is that it is Made from BPA-free polycarbonate.  The machine includes everything you need to perfect your recipe; an inner stainless steel bowl and a spoon. Simply store the stainless steel bowl in your freezer and when you’re ready, pop it into the external plastic bowl and add the mixture. 

The two materials are designed to be as efficient as possible when freezing, ensuring that you get large frozen treats that won’t instantly melt if left alone for too long!

Zoku Ice Cream Maker creates frozen desserts in as little as ten minutes! As ice cream requires a significant amount of time to freeze using conventional methods, Zoku’s innovative no-freeze technology provides a simple solution for the busy family.

Brand NameZoku
MaterialStainless Steel
Item model number ‏ ZK120-RD
Weight1.1 Pounds
Dimension 14 x 14 x 9.5 Centimeters  
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Frixen Automatic Ice Cream Maker Household 1L Digital DIY Maker Yoghourt Maker, Electric for Kitchen Home

The Frixen Automatic Ice Cream Maker makes 1L of fresh, homemade ice cream in just 7~10 minutes. I am sure you will love the unique structure. And its PTC heating element ensures a uniform temperature, while the large capacity makes upto 1L at once allows you to make enough for the entire family. 

The easy-to-use Frixen Automatic Ice Cream Maker has a transparent lid and is designed to be durable and suitable for any kitchen. You can see the ice cream being made through the lid, which is dishwasher friendly. This ice cream maker is also convenient to clean, using a simple rinse or wipe with a damp cloth. Make your own delicious ice cream or yoghurt at home with the Frixen Automatic Ice Cream/Yoghurt Maker. 

Brand Name Frixen
Item model number ‏ 
YG 5874120

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